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Our information leaflet is now available for download:
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At times one can feel quite desperate and hopeless and we have often found that it is great comfort to have someone available to talk, who understands what you are going through and who may be able to help you untangle a muddle of thoughts and feelings. Please do allow yourself to phone us. Sharing can make such feelings and worries easier to bear.

We have a telephone in our office which is answered by a mother who is trained in listening skills. Office hours are between 9.30 am - 12.30 pm Monday to Friday. Helpline 0117 975 6006

Helpline: Between 2.30 pm and 9.00pm Monday to Thursday our telephone line is diverted to a volunteer’s home and she is available to talk to you during these hours. At other times an answer machine service operates.

Mothers for Mothers - Drop in support group


If you have Postnatal Illness/Depression it can be very beneficial to talk about the illness. Talking with your family and friends may be helpful but professional counselling is another option.

Counselling offers a safe place to confide and offload your problems to an unbiased and empathic listener.

It cannot change the external pressures surrounding you, but it may help you to find ways to cope with difficulties.

It can also give an insight into the way your behaviour affects others, and how their behaviour impacts on you. It can help you see the bigger picture.

We offer counselling in our dedicated therapy room in the city centre (there is limited access to the room as it is up two flights of stairs). We no longer offer counselling at the Well Springs it is all at the dedicated therapy room now on Wed & Thurs mornings.

We usually offer 10 weekly sessions for a charge of £10 per session.
However this can be reduced to what the client can afford if financial hardship will be caused by the client paying this fee.

If mums are interested in Counselling please call either the helpline 0117 9756006 or Rachel Peppers mobile which is 0756 3768828 the waiting list is often relatively short.
Feel free to enquire!

Postnatal Illness Counselling


Wellsprings Healthy Living Centre, Beam St, Barton Hill, Bristol. Tuesday mornings 10am-12am. St Aldhelms church, Aubrey Rd, Bedminster, Bristol. Thursday afternoons 1.15pm - 2.45pm.

Other Support Services - we offer home visits, and a counselling service - some mums find it very helpful to have some time and space for them- selves in which to talk about their feelings please contact the office for
further details.


We may be able to introduce a new mother to a supporter, preferable someone who has had similar experiences or who lives locally. A supporter will offer to contact you each week and so keep in touch with you. At any stage, if you are feeling that this relationship is not working for you, please do contact us at the office. When their difficult times have passed, many mothers offer to support another mother who is in trouble.

You will need positive and practical help

The first step is to admit that you are ill, however desperately you want to feel normal. Remind yourself that you will get better, but it takes time.
Don’t feel guilty or ashamed about the way you feel. PNI is a condition you can recover from, the prognosis is good. You certainly are not alone in suffering, at least 1 in 10 mothers suffer some form of the illness. You may feel as though you are going mad but this is only part of the illness, and will pass.

Remember, you will get better

You will need plenty of encouragement and reassurance and plenty of positive help try to float through the bad days, don’t be discouraged - tomorrow could be your best day yet.

You will go back to being a caring, capable and confident person. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Treat yourself kindly. Doing something you enjoy in your own right is all part of the healing process, be kind to yourself, indulge in a new hair do, or treat yourself to some nice flowers or nice food. Attend the local sports centre where there are often crèche facilities available. Taking exercise can really help, even going for a walk.

REMEMBER do not be too hard on yourself, you can’t help being ill; this is very important as mothers experience such needless feelings of guilt about suffering from PNI. It should be treated no differently from any other illness.

Try not to compare yourself with other mothers, we all recover at different rates but you will get there in the end. Try to let time pass and the healing process will take place.

If partners find it difficult to understand it may be helpful for them to visit your GP who can explain the problem.

Mothers for Mothers - postnatal illness suppport

Helpline 0117 975 6006